Learn here how to place bets and the most popular types of UFC bet you can use. From the simplest choices to those with higher risks, you’ll know your odds.

Placing your BET 
on ufc odds

The most acclaimed Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event in the world is, without a doubt, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). We know that you are crazy about the sport, and so do we. That’s why our sportsbook has a special and vast selection of markets and enhanced UFC odds.


Yes, there are many options to choose from, and deciding what is the best bet type may take a while. As time and guesses pass by, you’ll acquire a better understanding of how each market matches your betting style. It's possible that you change your mind based more on the UFC odds we are able to provide.


Fortunately, you can have an advantage over other people looking to bet on UFC online. We prepared a short guide with the main types of bets with different UFC odds you’ll encounter. That way, you can decide based on your new knowledge and the current MMA fight odds.



The Main UFC ODDS 
Bet Types

The octagon is full of surprises, and your way of getting rich without entering it is by discovering what happens next. It may be the final result of a fight, who will be knocked out, or even how many rounds there will be.


Whatever your choice is, you place real money on your bet and hope for the best. You may benefit from varied strategies, and you can check them on our MMA betting guide. As any type of sports betting, there is no such thing as a guaranteed result, you can profit according to the UFC odds proportion.


Without further ado, we should proceed to check what markets you should focus on. You may also bet on UFC fights using different markets, it’s all up to you. The ones right next are just the most popular ones among a dozen different options.


It’s time!



The Popular 
"Money Line" Bets

Those of you who are already familiar with other sports in the betting world won’t have a problem recognising this one. The money line market is the simplest to bet and understand: 


You’ll pick the winner in a bet with a determined value of UFC odds. Period.


The main difference to other sports is that you won’t be able to bet on a tie. With that exception, this type of bet is that simple to understand, varying only the UFC odds.


Of course, you will have different money lines or odds for each competitor. The UFC fighter with the best chances of winning will always pay much less for a bet. As for the way you see the UFC odds displayed for a bet, it is entirely up to you here in OhmBet UK:


You may show them as:


  • Decimal: 1.90, 1.75
  • Fractional: 9/10, ¾
  • American: -111, -133

They will only impact how you will see the UFC odds, and that’s a personal choice. For the payment, they all represent the exact same return. It’s really the simplest market to understand when you bet on UFC odds.

Over/Under Bet WITH GOOD UFC ODDS - 
Total Round : 

The over and under markets for UFC are also very popular. Instead of points, you get to bet on UFC fights guessing the number of rounds. You don’t need to know exactly how long it will last, and that’s when the over and under concept comes in. The higher the probability of an event occurring are, the lower are the UFC odds.


The UFC total round bets are always indicated by halves, such as 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5. You’ll choose between over or under a predetermined value. All that needs to happen for that bet to become victorious is to achieve at least that duration.


As an example, when you bet over 2.5, you should pray that the fight goes past the 2 minutes and 30 seconds mark. That is, for the third round.


As for the bets on under 2.5, that same 2 minutes and 30 seconds mark is as far as the fight should go.


The main advantage of the Total Round Bet UFC is that you don’t care about who wins. It’s an excellent choice when you think things are going to be solved quickly. On the other hand, when the fight has a great chance of lasting a while, it’s also a great deal.


The Diversity of
Prop Bets

There is a variety of other bets which are called proposition bets. Like the over/under bets, you don't have to pick a winner, but rather characteristics connected to the fight itself.  


The most common one, for example, is the victory prop bet. Despite the name, you bet not on the winner, but how a fighter will win it. It may be a submission, or perhaps a KO.


You may choose, for instance, if a fight will end by finish or by a decision of the judges:


The UFC odds of this bet tend to be attractive, but the events are also less likely to occur. Like anything related to a bet on UFC fights or any sports, the risk is balanced by the pay-out.


Also, you are most likely to find victory bets with specific endings determined to one of the fighters. In that case, you are just specifying how that fighter is going to win - which may be better than the unappealing UFC odds of a simple money line bet for a champion.


Diversify your BETS on 

You are not bound to make a single pick on a fight and wait for the results of that UFC bet. You may choose a winner, and then make another bet on how he/she is going to win it. In addition, you can also make prop bets and bet on the total rounds with different UFC odds.


In reality, the sky is the limit when you are betting. Make sure to pay attention to the rules of Ohmbet UK when doing so. That way, you make sure you are betting in accordance with the terms and will enjoy a long-lasting experience.