Learn what Ohmbet UK has to offer in terms of bonus for UFC Betting. You can enjoy our weekly specials and boosted odds to earn a lot more in each bet.


Bonus to Inprove UFC Betting 

You already know how to bet, but maybe you aren’t exploring all the resources available for UFC betting. Did you know that OhmBet UK offers special bonuses for UFC and MMA events?


There are bonuses already available for you to use, and others yet to come. They can all boost your game and give you a second chance on every bet.


But how exactly do they work?  


We’ll explain the best bonuses in Ohmbet UK, all specially made for UFC betting. First, you might want to check our UFC bet guide with the best possible markets. That way, you’ll know where to put your bet with bonuses and boosted odds.


Weekly Special for 
UFC Betting

Every week, you have the chance to place bets on boosted markets that the Ohmbet UK team chose for you. Maybe you were already planning to bet on them, and that means you get a chance of winning even more.


Even when that’s not the case, you might change your mind. After all, it’s worth changing the strategy when the odds are much higher.

There are two possibilities when it comes to this promotion:


1. New Markets. Ohmbet UK is specialised in MMA, making us capable of creating new possibilities in the shape of UFC betting markets.

2. Boosted odds. As previously mentioned, those are the odds of famous markets boosted just because we decided to. That will be your chance to win more on specific    choices every week.

In time, if you are really new to UFC betting and don’t quite understand odds yet, don’t worry. We have a complete article on the best fight odds where they are duly explained. Together with it, you’ll learn how to properly bet on UFC live betting.

Rules applied to
The Weekly Boost

The UFC betting odds which are boosted will be identified under the section UFC Boost. In case any event is cancelled, the odds will be reduced to a neutral value of 1.00.


For any special market or boosted odds for UFC betting, it won’t be possible to use other bonuses. You may only participate by using real money, which you deposited through one of our available methods. Also, if you want to know more about the extra bonus, scroll down for the respective topic.


Other restrictions are the impossibility of adding other bets to the same slip or using the cashout option. That means you must carry your bet until the match is done, which is fair for boosted odds.


Special UFC Betting 
Welcome Bonus

As of the moment, we are still preparing an offer for bettors seeking a good welcome bonus for UFC betting. You may keep an eye on our promotions page, and there it will be revealed as soon as it’s prepared.


For now, even though you don’t get extra bonus money, you can enjoy the UFC betting odds that are enhanced. With the same bet, you can earn much more than with the standard odds. That’s what only Ohmbet UK, specialised in MMA, can do for you.


Increasing the
Odds Yourself

Perhaps there is a market that isn’t boosted by the Ohmbet Bonus. That’s okay, you can still boost your profits manually by increasing the odds. That’s done by changing your single bet into a multiple bet slip, adding more than one option to your slip.


What literally happens when you do it is that the odds are multiplied. All you have to do is to click on the markets you want to bet in. Nothing else has to be done, except choosing your stake for that slip.


Although the odds will increase way beyond what a boosted odds promotion can offer, you have a higher risk. When you do UFC betting with multiple bets, you need them all to be correct. Therefore, choosing a more predictable match market with a risky one only to increase the UFC betting odds won’t work.


Fortunately for you, that’s not the only way of increasing the markets that aren’t boosted. You may still do it through the System bets. You’ll find it together with Single, Chain, and Multiple options in your bet slip.

Using the UFC
Betting System

When you pick three or more bets in the same slip, you may choose not to bet separately. One of the options is named “System” and it doesn’t demand that you will in all of them.


So, what is the advantage of selecting it over not risking less as single bets?


When you bet as a system, you have the chance of multiplying the single odds a few times. As an example, imagine you’d bet $10 for three different markets. If you win, you simply get the normal value - the stake multiplied by the odds.


However, with a system bet, you boost odds when you win all your picks or at least some of them. It’s superior to risking on multiple bets, although it also pays less. In any case, it’s more than what you’d earn on a single bet.


There are many ways of doing it, and you may start when you have at least three picks. From then on, you’ll notice that the amount you bet will increase. It’s up to you to choose how many UFC betting markets you want to include per slip.


While there isn’t a specific and better strategy that suit every game, you can define it according to your profile. It’s possible to boost your profits here at Ohmbet UK with a more conservative bet. On the other hand, you are also welcome to use that in your favour to try challenging and high odds.


As of the moment, that’s all Ohmbet UK has to offer you as a possibility of boosting your UFC betting. Keep your eyes on the promotions page for more!