We developed a complete MMA betting guide to teach new bettors how to properly bet on MMA and UFC events. Take a few steps and you are ready to start betting.

Complete MMA
betting guide

People who are familiar with sports betting have a better clue of what to do in the MMA betting world. The essential difference will be the markets - you won’t find “decision by submission” in soccer - and parameters when considering UFC odds. However, there is a second group of people.


Those are new to bookmakers in general. Therefore, it’s essential to have a brand-new MMA betting guide updated with enough information for both groups. Starting quite basic for some people, we’ll get to the more specific knowledge afterwards.


The very first step you already took: selecting OhmBet UK to be your MMA betting temple. After all, you want a bookmaker which is specialised in MMA fights. There is no use in creating betting accounts on websites with uninteresting markets and low odds.


Now, let’s move forward to the next ones.



The creation of betting accounts is really easy, taking no more than 2 minutes:


Once you click on Join, you’ll add your new account details and the following information:


  • Address;
  • Birth date;
  • E-mail to confirm account;
  • Full Name;
  • Gender.


Once you create and confirm your account, it’s time to make your first deposit. You can click on “Deposit” and check which payment methods for MMA betting are better for you. Remember to check the period it takes for the money to reach your account. Also, check if you are eligible for a bonus.

The first and essential step to betting on an MMA betting site is complete. Now, let’s have a better understanding of the MMA betting itself.



THE market for UFC

With a simple click on UFC/MMA button, you are ready to start with your bets. On the left side, right next to the selection of other sports, you’ll see the next matches. Depending on the day, you might even check on one that is occurring at that exact moment - that’s live MMA betting.


The main difference between betting live or pre-match is the markets that are available. After all, it’s easier to bet the total rounds, for example, next to it. That’s why you’ll most probably find fewer markets in live MMA betting.


On the other hand, the number of markets will also vary depending on the match itself. A fight between a champion and another popular UFC fighter will have more than 10 markets for you to choose from.


We have a quick MMA betting guide specialised in the most popular MMA Bets markets for you to bet. With them in mind, you can inform yourself of the characteristics of the fighters and choose a favourite market - or more than one.






The best fight odds are shown in Ohmbet UK in the decimal, fractional or American form. You decide which one to show on the right side, on the same page. For our examples, we will be using decimals as in the picture above.


In our example, you have the fighter Nasrat Haqparast with 1.44 and Drew Dober with 2.80. Basically, the odds will be multiplied by the value you bet. If you bet $10 on Drew Dober and he wins, the result is $28.


The higher the odds value, the smaller the chances that the bet will be successful. There is a system of algorithms behind it, which determines the values.


Another good example is the fight between JJ Aldrich and Sabina Mazzo on the same image. The odds are very similar, meaning the chances are almost the same.


Unless you are qualified for a special cashback or something similar, betting on the wrong side costs your entire bet.


Our system has an interface that is really simple to understand. By clicking on a market to bet, you open a window next to it. There, you’ll simply place how much you are willing to bet on that possibility.


As you can see, it’s called a single bet. For some offers, or when you become a more advanced user, you can also pick: Multiple, System and Chain bets.


Multiple bets demand you to get all your subsequent bets correct. As for system bets, they are divided into many categories and deserve a guide of their own. For your information, they differ from MMA betting multi bets because you don’t need to win in all of them.


As for the chain bets, they are simple bets that demand that your very first bet is successful. Then, the subsequent bets will be using the result of the last bet.


Once a bet is placed, you only have to wait until the match is resolved. At the same time, you may place any other bets you wish - even on the same match. You should only follow the same procedure, and make sure it’s not conflicting.


OhmBet UK is more than a specialised MMA betting site. You can apply the same knowledge acquired for MMA betting to other sports. Also, placing bets and playing on the live casino - or the off-line games - is as easy as clicking a single button.


Now you are ready to begin placing your bets. But first, you may want to know how to withdraw your money once you win.



Unless you must complete a rollover (bonus requirement), your funds will be available through different and reliable payment methods. At the same time, it’s important to be aware of the Responsible Gaming policy and how to manage your bankroll.  


We are committed to keeping our players safe, which is why we allow you to have control to limit your wager. At the same time, you need to be aware of the best practice in the gambling world. It’s not different for MMA events, and you can restrict losses using a simple control sheet.