eSPORTS BETTING, CS:GO, DOTA 2, LOL, Star Craft and much more!

Real money eSports betting

eSports is one of the fastest growing sports in the world with millions of fans watching, and now you can also bet on the games. The sport surrounds competition using video games and Sports often takes the form of multiplayer video game competitions, head to head or teams competiting against other teams, including tournaments.

League of Legends LOL 

League of legends (LOL) is a team based online video game where the contestent objectives is to destroy the opponets base. There is several different maps to choose from and you can choose to be in a team of six or 10 players, team vs. team. Choose from 5 vs. 5 or ARAM mode Howling Abyss and get in on the action.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a high pace action video game where strategy and fantasy mets. The game comes in the multi player format and eSports contest around Dota 2 takes places regularly.  The biggest eSports compettion is held in Seattle annually with big prize pools and the games are live streamed on Twitch and TV networks.

Star Craft 2 CS2

The popular game by Blizzard is one of the first eSports games in the world and Championship series in esports is hosted by Blizzard. SC2 is a popular video game in the Esports section and east Asia seems to adopted this game.

Counter-Strike Go CS:GO 

Counter-Strike: GO also known as CS:GO is a first shooter video game that is allow online mode, match making, mapping which led to professional contests. Majors is tournamnets with quarter million prize pools and they have global fan base. Betting on CS:GO is very popular.


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