Understand how the best fight odds work and learn to bet on your favourite event live or before the match begins. You’ll become an expert in a few minutes.


Understanding the Best 
Fight Odds in MMA

Once you have created an account to bet, you deposit and go straight to the markets to start betting. There, you’ll find a good selection with the best markets, allowing you to place your UFC bets, for example. However, you are not sure which are the best fight odds.


That’s completely okay! The first thing you may want to do is to check the best markets for UFC and MMA. You’ll then know what you are looking for and will be able to consider the fighting odds.


Now, are you familiar with how odds are counted or generated? Let’s take a look.



The Basic of 
Fight Odds

When you pick any sports in OhmBet UK, you’ll see all the markets possible for an event. Together with each possibility, there will be a number or a fraction, which represents your profit possibilities. You may choose how they look:

  • American - Obviously more popular in the US, you’ll see them presented with a plus (+) or a minus (-). Pay attention, so that you don’t get confused:

    - Marked with +000 means that’s the amount you will get for a successful bet. In terms of profit, they would be considered the best fight odds.

    - When the fighting odds are represented with -000, that’s how much you need to bet to get precisely $100.
  • Decimal - That’s a favourite of many people who wager in MMA events. The odds are represented by decimal numbers, which multiply to your bet. Thus, the result is how much you get for a good call.
  • Fractional - Much more popular in the UK, it's also simple to understand. You have a/b, where “a” is how many times "b" is going to be multiplied to result in profit. Then, you add "1" to the result to get your total withdrawal.

    As an example, a $10 stake with 2/1 fight odds results in $20 profit. That’s because of 2x1 = 2, and $10x2 = $20.

Those are very simple concepts. Now you know the markets you have available and how to filter the best fight odds we offer in OhmBet.

What are the Probabilities
of the Best Fight Odds

The best way to know if the fight odds are worth your money is through research. As we explain in our MMA bets guide, you need updated information on the fighters and the whole scenario. Even so, you may want to know the real probabilities of each outcome. 


That can be done by using the odds of each market. Also, know that they will be changing as time passes by and people place more bets here in OhmBet UK. However, you’ll get an approximate idea even in those circumstances.


The simplest way to reach the probability is to use the following formula:


Probability = 100 / decimal odds


Quite easy, right?

Let’s see some examples:

That escalated quickly, you might realise. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that the higher the risk, the higher your profit. You can always rely on higher chances and smaller odds, if you aren’t willing to take the risks.

Interpretation of the 
Best Fighting Odds

You already read the article with the most popular markets for fighting odds in MMA. Also, you know which format to use for your odds, according to your preferences. Finally, you can determine the probability of an event occurring according to the best fight odds you find.


If you are excited to start betting, you noticed there is something missing.


Why some markets are balanced in terms of odds and others are so different?


The probabilities aren’t only a way of determining your chances of profit. As they represent the probability of that event occurring, the most likely events have to provide low odds.


Therefore, it should be no surprise to find a favourite not paying much. The same applies to the underdog with odds of 2, 3 or even 4. Surprises may occur, and that’s exactly why there is a certain degree of profit, even for the most probable events.


Betting Live 
or Pre-Match 

The so-called in-play betting represents the bets you may place during a fight. The best fight odds will be changing as the fighters do their job, and you can still bet. Fortunately, you can even do that through your phone, using OhmBet UK’s system.


But is it worth it to bet in-play or you should stick to pre-match?


The answer is: Yes! It’s worth it and you can apply the most varied strategies to benefit from it. From many reasons to bet on the best fight odds during a match, we can focus on three:

Game change. A poor beginning can make the favourite have the best fight odds you can possibly get for him/her. That said, you can bet with higher probabilities when you know the game is about to turn.


Hedge. As mentioned before, everything can change. When you already have a bet placed and you aren’t so sure anymore, you can hedge on other markets. You find the best fight odds to balance without affecting much of your probable profit.


Excitement. Bettors who pick MMA events are looking for more than the best fight odds to earn some money. You like the fights and can participate actively with your bets instead of just waiting. How exciting is that?

As for the principles and advantages involved in pre-match bets, you already caught what it’s all about in other articles. For now, you are already familiar enough with the best fight odds to start betting. If you didn’t do it already, now it’s a perfect time.